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Referral Forms

The time from when a person suspects they might have cancer to when cancer is ruled out or diagnosed is often stressful and frustrating for people. Many patients see multiple healthcare providers and have many tests before they receive a diagnosis. Cancer Care Ontario strongly supports Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs) to help patients receive the appropriate referrals and testing in a timely coordinated manner. DAPs also ensure patients receive the emotional and educational support of a Patient Navigator to explain the process, advocate for timely care, and to follow the process to ensure the patient moves through the system by having access to priority test booking and physician consultation times. The goals of this streamlined services include:
  • A single point of access to diagnostic services
  • Diagnostic assessment according to best practices
  • Improve quality and accessibility by ensuring provincial wait time targets are met or surpassed
  • Streamlined scheduling and coordination of diagnostic tests and consultations
  • Relevant, timely information and support for patients throughout the process
  • Maximize communication and coordination of care among specialists, primary care and other service providers
We currently focus on 4 primary cancer disease sites (Breast, prostate, lung and colorectal) as these account for over 80% of all cancers diagnosed. Primary healthcare providers (MDs and NPs) can send a patient referral to our team by completing the appropriate referral form.
Referral Forms
    .pdf Breast
    .pdf Colorectal
    .pdf Lung
    .pdf Urology