Public Delegations to the Board

In accordance with Board and Board Committee Meetings Policy, the board may permit members of the public to make a presentation to the board concerning matters relevant to the hospital. Persons wishing to address the board will follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Written notice of the request to address the Board meeting shall be provided to the CEO at least eight (8) days prior to the meeting date for an item not related to the monthly Board agenda, and at least 48 hours notice is required for items specific to the agenda posted for that meeting. The CEO will direct these requests to the Chair, who will determine whether to include the presentation on the agenda. The request shall include the identity of the person(s) proposing to address the Board (including mailing address, email address, and telephone number) and a description of the specific nature of the matter proposed to be addressed.
  1. Persons not permitted to address the Board will be so notified. The Board may limit the number of presentations at any one meeting.
  1. Persons addressing the Board:
    • will be notified and receive the guidelines for presentations to the Board
    • will be required to limit their remarks to the time allocated by the Chair;
    • will be required to speak only on the subject for which they have received approval to address the Board, unless otherwise requested by the Chair during the meeting; and
    • will maintain proper and respectful meeting decorum when addressing the Board.
  2. Following the meeting, the Chair will communicate in writing to the presenter or spokesperson for the delegation, acknowledging the presentation and outlining any actions to be taken by the Hospital in response.
  1. The Chair is not obliged to grant a request to address the Board and the Board is not obliged to take any action on any presentation it receives.

The Board of Directors welcomes input from members of the public. Individuals who have questions about the board or wish to communicate with the board should contact Keith Marnoch, Chief, Communications and Public Affairs, at 519-464-4452 or by email

General correspondence for the board may be sent to:


Bluewater Health

Melissa Rondinelli
Senior Executive Assistant

Administration - Bluewater Health
89 Norman Street
Sarnia, ON N7T 6S3
Telephone: 519-464- 4400 Ext 5675
Fax: 519-464-4407

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