Kaleidoscope of Care
2016-2021 Strategic Plan

Bluewater Health Strategic Plan

Changing our Perspective... for Emily.

Like a kaleidoscope, sometimes all it takes to achieve a different result is to change your perspective. When we consider different perspectives, we must always see through the lens of our patients and families, who we call Emily.


Hi, I'm Emily!

I am every patient and family member cared for at Bluewater Health in the past, present, and future.

When hospital staff, physicians and volunteers plan and deliver care according to their Mission, it's to be exemplary, and it’s to be for me.

I see progress...

In 2015, my hospitals in Sarnia and Petrolia completed their 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. I was impressed to see what they’ve accomplished over the past three years. More recently they’ve been working on the strategy to guide their efforts from 2016-21. A clear and focused path forward is not only important for the hospitals, but for me.

I see change...

I know healthcare in Ontario is changing. There are new government directions and requirements, and higher expectations for transparency, consultation, integration, performance and efficiency. I like to think of this healthcare transformation as a kaleidoscope. It has individual, unique and colourful pieces, interacting to make something more whole and beautiful. When I look through a kaleidoscope I see a different perspective every time I shift it even slightly. When we change our view, welcoming perspectives of patients, families, care providers and community partners, we get new insights, ideas and partnerships to achieve different results.

I see innovation...

Bluewater Health spent months talking to a variety of stakeholders – medical and program leaders, staff, Patient Experience Partners, Community and Rural Health Advisory Panel members, service providers and the public – about innovative ways to make my care experience even better. They heard compliments about people, programs and progress, and stories of great care. They heard encouragement to reach out beyond the hospitals to improve co-ordination and transitions in care. And, they researched what is happening in healthcare elsewhere in Ontario, Canada and the world, for opportunities to improve care practices and care delivery.

I see care and caring...

Now, Bluewater Health is adjusting its Mission to: We create exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time. This places higher emphasis on involving me and my family more in my care….nothing about me, without me. Staff, physicians and volunteers are also making a promise to me:

My Promise to Emily

I promise you and your family I will:

  • respect you as an individual on a unique healthcare journey
  • take time to address your concerns and calm your fears
  • involve you whenever decisions are being made about you
  • be your advocate

I see a bright future...

Four strategic priorities are the focus of the new strategic plan: Quality Care, Inspired People, Outstanding Performance, and Exceptional Relationships. All are underpinned by innovation driven by connected, engaged care providers who continuously seek the best ways to care for me. Eight goals support these priorities.

More detail on Bluewater Health's goals and what they mean for you and me, is available at www.bluewaterhealth.ca.

What do you see?

Bluewater Health welcomes you as a partner in care, through its foundations, advisory panels, or as a Patient Experience Partner like me!

Sincerely, Emily