Demonstrate Accountability and Efficiency

Measuring Complexity of Care Needed

Our CPWC is calculated as Total Acute & Day Surgery Expenses divided by Acute & Day Surgery Weighted Cases. A weighted case is one that has an assigned Resource Intensity Weight, a measure of the complexity of the patient which is linked to the intensity of resources used, taking into consideration the patient’s age, health status, discharge status, etc. Since CPWC factors in patient acuity, it is the key measure used in comparing relative efficiencies across all Ontario hospitals.

Following significant improvement over the past several years, Our CPWC for 2015-2016 was $5,537; the average CPWC of our peer hospitals is $5,406. For 2016-2017, our target is $5,361, through monitoring on a program-by-program basis. Further improvements in care delivery models are expected to deliver high quality care and improved efficiencies to further improve our CPWC.