Just in Time for the Holidays: Much Needed Funding Arrives

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 9:50am

Financial commitment from Ministry of Health stabilizes hospitals’ infrastructure

SARNIA & PETROLIA, ON – December 18, 2019Today, Bluewater Health is pleased to announce an early holiday gift:  an injection of over $1.89M from the Ministry of Health – allocated to upgrade aging infrastructure in Sarnia ($500,000) and Petrolia ($1.3M).

Bluewater Health originally applied for $5M in Exceptional Circumstances of HIRF funding (Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund) in early 2018 with the hope that it would occur over several years. Today, $890,957 was granted for traditional HIRF funding and $1M was awarded under the Exceptional Circumstances umbrella. Bluewater Health will continue to apply for additional Exceptional Circumstances funding in the years ahead as the infrastructure at Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital has significant deficiencies that need to be addressed. This year’s funding goes towards: Sarnia – Diesel Tank Replacement; Petrolia, upgrades to the elevators, generator and sanitary sewers, along with the purchase of a new boiler plant.

“We are thankful to the Ministry of Health and Long Term care for providing this funding to support the infrastructure needs at both of our locations,” says Mike Lapaine, Bluewater Health CEO. “We are excited to get started on these upgrades. Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital is over 100 years old and this jumpstarts the redevelopment project. We are moving through the five stages to address the $7.5M commitment we’ve already received and we expect the next three stages to move quickly. This is exciting as we will see changes in Petrolia immediately.”

The overall redevelopment process Bluewater Health has embarked upon for Petrolia is multi-year and multi-phase. In April 2017 the provincial government announced a $7.5 million capital grant to CEEH to begin the redevelopment of the Petrolia hospital. It was part of a project with the Town of Petrolia to create a community health care village.

“Petrolia is proud to be home to the extraordinary CEE Hospital, a vital service to our community and the surrounding area,” says Mayor R. Brad Loosley. “On behalf of Council, I would like to congratulate Bluewater Health on their receipt of the funding from the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) and thank the Province of Ontario, MPP Bob Bailey and the Committee for their ongoing support and the ongoing commitment to the health of Petrolia.”

Bob Bailey, MPP Sarnia-Lambton, says he’s happy to deliver this holiday gift to Bluewater Health. “CEE Hospital is at the heart of healthcare in Petrolia and rural Lambton County.  I am extremely pleased that our government is making this important investment in the renewal of CEE Hospital,” said MPP Bailey. “Today’s $1.89M investment at Bluewater Health and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital is another step in our government’s plan to build a connected and sustainable public health care system around the needs of patients, which includes investing $27 billion over 10 years in hospital infrastructure.”

Owen Byers, President of the Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital Foundation, says his team is excited for the future. “We are committed to the longevity of our local hospital and are building fundraising momentum for the redevelopment project with the Petrolia Dream Home. The Province of Ontario is rising to support healthcare in Petrolia and the community has a responsibility to do the same. The Foundation is poised to take on this challenge.”

Tickets for the 2019 Dream Home Lottery went on sale October 1. There are 50,000 tickets available this year. The prize pool has also increased to more than $1 million including a $59,000 BMW along with a brand new 50/50 draw. Tickets for the 50/50 draw are being sold separately, but require that you purchase a dream home ticket first. Tickets for the Dream Home are $100 each and available for purchase at www.bwhfdreamhome.com. The Petrolia home, built by Sepe Construction and decorated by D. Janzen Interiors, is located at 304 Sunset Crescent and is valued at over $540,000. The Sarnia home, built by Stelobrook Homes and decorated by Brush Strokes Interiors, is located at 564 Franco Avenue in the Rapids Parkway and is valued at over $668,000.


For more information contact:
Julia Oosterman - Chief, Communications & Public Affairs
Bluewater Health

For information about the Dream Home, contact:
Kathy Alexander - Executive Director
Bluewater Health Foundation

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