Treat Local: Bluewater Health Offers Top-Notch Cancer Care, Close to Home

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 3:16pm

SARNIA & PETROLIA – October 18, 2018 Bluewater Health focuses on quality care, close to home, for patients receiving a cancer diagnosis. Oncology services were recently expanded with the addition of a second medical oncologist, Dr. Ketan Ghate, to join Dr. Ken Yoshida in providing specialized cancer care in Sarnia. Dr. Evan Lilly is a family physician with special interest in both oncology and palliative care who works in Bluewater Health’s cancer program as well. The program includes specialized oncology nurses, a patient navigator, and other hospital supports to help our patients.


“Our own diagnostic departments and specialists work with our Regional Cancer Center at Windsor Regional Hospital, and the London Regional Cancer Program to ensure all appropriate services and referrals are available to our patients,” says Dr. Mike Haddad, Chief of Staff, Bluewater Health. “We have specialists and surgeons providing best-in-class cancer care, starting from screening, to testing, diagnosis and treatment, whether that be surgery, chemotherapy or symptom management.”


“Along with clinical exams and imaging studies, pathology testing helps determine the final diagnosis and treatment options,” says Dr. Ram Gidwani, Medical Director, Laboratory Medicine, Bluewater Health. “Approximately 90% of women with suspicious mammography are diagnosed with breast cancer from a needle biopsy, which removes breast tissue that is then tested in a laboratory. Laboratory staff process the tissue so a pathologist can then examine the tissue under a microscope to produce a detailed diagnosis.”


The pathology report contains detailed information about the tumor type and stage of progression. “Pathology reports play a vital role in the decisions made regarding treatment options,” adds Dr. Gidwani.


For cancer surgeries overall, Bluewater Health saw 100% of patients within the provincial target for both time to first cancer surgical appointment and time from decision to cancer surgery, compared to 93% and 91% respectively for Ontario hospitals on average.


Breast cancer, along with lung, colorectal and prostate cancers account for approximately 80% of cancer diagnoses and are supported by Bluewater Health’s Patient Navigator. Bluewater Health also treats gynaecological (ovarian), hematological (leukemia), gastric, pancreatic, esophageal and renal cancers, as well as lymphoma, melanoma and cancer of the head and neck.


Multidisciplinary Cancer Conferences

Bluewater Health offers the very best care, close to home, with physicians participating in team reviews with regional partners in London and Windsor. Experts in medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, nursing, and other specialists as needed come together to provide second opinions on testing and decide on the best treatment plan. Patients get the benefit of many experts, without having to travel to another city, or potentially delay treatment while waiting for a second opinion. 


Cancer-related Prescriptions

Patients can fill their cancer-related prescriptions at the pharmacy located inside Bluewater Health – and have them delivered during appointments to save trips. Dedicated Drug Access Facilitators work hard so patients receive funding from their insurance company or through government or pharmaceutical programs.


Reserved Parking

Reserved underground parking is available for patients receiving cancer treatments. There is a cost for the parking pass, but no additional cost for a designated underground parking spot.


After-hours Resources

An after-hours telephone service is available evenings, weekends and holidays to cancer patients to support them in managing cancer treatment-related symptoms. A specialized oncology nurse is available to answer questions and sends a nursing note to the patient’s oncology clinic team.


More information about our cancer program is available on our website


Bluewater Health, with locations in Sarnia and Petrolia, cares for the residents of Sarnia-Lambton. With close to 2,500 staff, Professional Staff and volunteers, Bluewater Health provides an array of specialized acute, complex continuing care, allied health and ambulatory care services. Bluewater Health’s Mission is: We create exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time. For more information about Bluewater Health, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.




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