Two Sarnia-Lambton Doctors Recognized by Patients for Exceptional Care

Monday, October 1, 2018 - 4:15pm


SARNIA & PETROLIA – October 1, 2018 – Sarnia-Lambton patients were given the opportunity to nominate their physician for a Patients’ Choice Award. Of the 37 patient nominations received, a patient jury recognized Family Doctor, Dr. Martyn Chilvers and Specialist, Dr. Todor Dragicevic for the exceptional care they have provided and for their commitment to enhancing their patients' overall experience within the healthcare system.


These providers truly went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their patients received exceptional quality of care. This was also the first year a psychiatrist was nominated as a specialist for the Patients’ Choice award. With Mental Health becoming an emerging healthcare priority in Ontario, Dr. Dragicevic demonstrated genuine compassion and exceptional care for his patient.


“We are really pleased to partner with Patients Canada and the Ontario Medical Association to give patients an opportunity to recognize physicians who have provided them with exceptional patient-centred care,” said Dr. Mike Haddad, Chief of Professional Staff. “Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Patients’ Choice Awards, Drs. Todor Dragicevic and Dr. Martyn Chilvers. The patients’ stories reflected the compassion and kindness each of these physicians provided to their patients.”


Dr. Martyn Chilvers is a recently retired family physician who has practiced in Sarnia since July 1983 and now does locums for other family physicians. In his nominations patients had stated he displayed a genuine compassion and stuck by them through the most difficult of moments. Dr. Chilvers’ patients were forever grateful for his commitment to providing truly genuine patient-centred care. “I was truly astonished to learn I was to receive the ‘Patients’ Choice Award’ and I am deeply appreciative of my patient acknowledging my care in such a thoughtful way,” said Dr. Chilvers. “I shall forever cherish the award. Thank you.”


Dr. Todor Dragicevic, psychiatrist, has been practicing at Bluewater Health in Sarnia since 2013. In his nominations patients had stated he had ‘done his homework’ on the issues his patients were facing, was very reassuring and treated his patients with the utmost dignity. Dr. Dragicevic also displayed a warm sense of humour which made daily meetings enjoyable and encouraging. Dr. Dragicevic was “deeply honored and humbled” to be recognized with a Patients’ Choice Award.


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“Dr. Martyn Chilvers exhibited genuine compassion when my husband was stricken with a mysterious auto-immune disorder that turned our lives upside down. As our Family Physician, he could have just passed us off to the specialists and moved on but he stuck with us through months of investigation and when no solutions were evident, he refused to abandon us, for which we are forever grateful. To us, Dr. Chilvers exemplifies what every physician should strive to be: genuinely caring and committed,” said Tanis Wright who nominated Dr. Chilvers for the award.


“Dr. Dragicevic began his work day early in order to accommodate an emergency appointment for my husband on very short notice.  During this first consultation, he spent over an hour talking with my husband and me about treatment options. He surprised us with the knowledge he had already acquired about my husband’s health history. He had really ‘done his homework.’ We were also most impressed with his involvement in, and understanding of, current research on Parkinson’s Disease, and the best treatments for my husband’s symptoms,” said Connie Furtney who nominated Dr. Dragicevic for the award. “At every stage of my husband’s treatment, Dr. Dragicevic was very reassuring and treated my husband with the utmost dignity. He verbalized sincere respect and admiration for the way in which my husband has fought this disease for 13 years so far. As well, Dr. D’s warm sense of humour made our daily meetings so enjoyable and encouraging.”


Furtney added, “Above all, Dr. Dragicevic was so kind and compassionate.  In one of our first meetings, he looked at my husband and said kindly, ‘I can see you are really suffering. And our team is going to do our very best to help you get well.’ It was a very upsetting time for us, and his words filled us with gratitude. During the time of the lengthy hospital stay, our oldest daughter was graduating from university. Dr. Dragicevic was adamant my husband would be able to attend the ceremony. He even arranged for my husband to have a short leave the day before, so he could get his hair cut. This may seem like a small act, but it meant so much to my husband as he anticipated seeing our daughter graduate.”


"On behalf of Ontario’s doctors, I want to congratulate this year’s recipients—Dr. Chilvers and Dr. Dragicevic— on being recognized for the dedication they show to their patients. I also want to extend my congratulations to all of the doctors who were nominated, and the patients who recognized them. This award highlights the special bond between patients and physicians. It is fantastic to see such a strong response within the community of Sarnia-Lambton." 
- Dr. Nadia Alam, President, Ontario Medical Association


“We’re thrilled 37 patients and caregivers across Sarnia-Lambton once again took the time to nominate their physicians for a Patients’ Choice Award. The winning physicians, Dr. Martyn Chilvers and Dr. Dragicevic, went above and beyond the call of duty to treat their patients with kindness, respect and empathy and valued their experience and insight. With mental health an emerging healthcare priority in Ontario, we’re excited to announce this year a psychiatrist was deservingly recognized for delivering exceptional patient-centred care.”

- Michael Decter, Board Chair, Patients Canada



For additional information contact:


Julia Oosterman

Chief, Communications & Public Affairs, Bluewater Health



Daniel McIntyre

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Lisa Murray

Interim Director, Government Relations and Communications

Ontario Medical Association

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