Our History

We take great pride in our legacy of patient care, quality and service, and it is upon these strong foundations that we deliver on our Mission: We create exemplary healthcare experiences for patients and families every time.

Former local history teacher, Vic Dudek volunteered time over five years to author Bluewater Health’s commemorative history book. Dudek interviewed current and former staff members and researched old records, archives, publications and newspaper articles to discover the rich history of Bluewater Health and its founding corporations. His efforts culminated with the release of a 48-page soft cover book, A Commemorative History of Bluewater Health: 1896-2010, highlighting over 100 years of Bluewater Health’s history. It features dozens of photographs and includes highlights of local people, programs, and buildings important to the development of local healthcare.

The book tells the compelling story of the inception of each hospital and the people who have served in them since the late 1800s. It is this element of healthcare workers’ unyielding commitment to care that is consistent throughout the history of Bluewater Health.

The book was made possible by generous sponsorship from Hogan Pharmacy. The book is available for $10.00 in the Bluewater Health Foundation office, and in the gift shops in the hospitals in Sarnia (poppies) and Petrolia (Charlotte’s Boutique).