Patient Experience Partners

Our Patient Experience Partners are our partners in exemplary healthcare, and their purpose is to "give a voice for positive change."

At Bluewater Health our Mission is We create exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time. The “we” is all of us: Bluewater Health staff, physicians, and community partners, especially Bluewater Health’s patients and their families. We trust that to truly live out our mission, we must partner with our patients and their families and learn from the wisdom that comes from their experiences.

Patient Experience Partner is a volunteer role that allows patients and families to work together to influence Bluewater Health’s policies and practices, to redesign care and to educate people about what really creates an exemplary healthcare experience.

Who are Patient Experience Partners?

Patient Experience Partners are people who have experienced care at Bluewater Health within the past three years as a patient or a family member and are:

  • Interested in making a difference
  • Comfortable sharing their insights and information about their experiences in ways others can learn from them
  • Willing to work toward the good of future patients and families
  • Listen well
  • Able to listen and hear differing opinions
  • Are willing to work alongside Bluewater Health staff toward common goals

Patient Experience Partners make a difference by:

  • Becoming members of patient programs and councils
  • Joining task teams for improvement projects
  • Sharing their opinions areas where they have a particular interest or healthcare experience

Here’s what some of our Patient Experience Partners say:

Diana Bradley: “It is exciting to be involved with something so new and help change things for something you wouldn’t ordinarily have been involved in. I’m interested in patient care and food options.” 

Rev. C. Joyce Hodgson: “We began with the sharing of stories around the table and that told me Bluewater Health was ready to listen and ready to learn from patients and their families.”

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If you are interested in joining the Patient Experience Partner team, please contact Alison Coy, Manager, Patient Experience at 519 464-4400, ext. 8554 or

Click here for the Patient Experience Partner application form.


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