Maternal/Infant/Child Program

Important Information About The Program

Patient and family-centred care is at the heart of Bluewater Health’s Maternal/Infant/Child program in our care of women, children and families. Our multidisciplinary team includes obstetricians/gynecologists, pediatricians, midwives, and other experienced, highly trained healthcare providers and support workers. Together, we meet the unique care needs of over 1,000 mothers and babies each year. We strive to provide exemplary healthcare experiences with patients and families every time.

Answers to frequently asked questions and additional information around the effective choices you can make to keep you and others safe

Frequently asked Questions for Expectant Mothers During COVID-19

Suspected or Positive COVID-19


OMama offers a website and mobile application (app) to connect Ontario women and families to trusted, evidence-informed pregnancy, birth and early parenting information. Bluewater Health is pleased to support this helpful resource for parents. Click here to access the OMama website and to download the OMama app.

The Importance of Making an Obstetrical Pre-Admission Clinic Appointment

Your healthcare provider wants you to visit the Obstetrical Pre-Admission Clinic. Please book your appointment when you are 24 to 28 weeks pregnant, at 519-464-4400 Ext. 8545, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Even if you are more than 28 weeks and have not had an appointment, please call to book an appointment.

When Can I Tour the Maternity Unit?

Virtual tours of the Maternal Infant Child unit are available on the Bluewater Health website, below.

Do you have questions regarding room selection?

Patient information about room selection is available on our website.

What Happens at the Clinic?

You will spend 30 minutes on the phone with a nurse to:

  1. Record a health and pregnancy history so we can respond appropriately to changes in your condition. (Remember to complete the forms you received from your doctor or midwife and have them ready for your clinic appointment.)
  2. Discuss when to come to the hospital for delivery and where to park.
  3. Discuss what you might expect during labour, delivery and your postpartum stay.
  4. Begin talking about infant feeding, baby care and caring for yourself.
  5. Discuss when you will go home with your new baby.
  6. Discuss what you will be expected to bring with you for your hospital stay.
  7. Spend time talking about anything else that is important to you and your partner in planning for your new baby.

Please be prepared approximately 30 minutes prior to your appointment time. Remember to have your Ontario health card with you.

For women of 34 weeks gestation or more, we offer labour, birth, recovery and post-partum care (LBRP) all in one unit to support family-centred care. We have eight private rooms available to improve patient comfort and provide a calm and more home-like setting. We believe in keeping families together before, during and after their birth experience. One of the birthing rooms was specially designed for Indigenous births. Its size accommodates larger families and traditional ceremonies, and features Indigenous art. Traditional birth customs such as cedar baths, and liquid smudging can be performed on-site.

Please let your nurse know of your room preference as soon as possible. Ward rooms are covered by OHIP. Please let us know if you prefer a private or semi-private room for an additional premium. Most insurance plans cover all or part of these charges, but please check your policy.

Bluewater Health has implemented an Obstetrical Triage Acuity Scale (OTAS) to improve quality of care and ensure women with the highest need are seen first. By reducing time delays, increasing patient flow and decreasing the patient length of stay we are aiming to achieve enhanced patient outcomes. OTAS is now built into Bluewater Health’s computer system. When a patient arrives at the obstetrical unit, the nurse’s computer displays all the pertinent questions to ask the patient.

The obstetricians at Bluewater Health deliver on an ‘on call system.’ The physician who is on call delivers all the babies from all the obstetrical doctors during their 24-hour shift, including midwife transfers of care. This means your physician may not necessarily deliver your baby. The on-call physician will deliver your care, and could be male or female.

Our healthcare team includes male and female staff who may need to attend your delivery. This includes an Operating Room assistant and an anaesthetist. If your baby needs to be delivered via caesarean-section, or if it is anticipated your baby may need some assistance at delivery, a paediatrician, respiratory therapist and Special Care Nursery nurse may also be required to attend.

Our staff provides therapeutic support to labouring moms and offers measures to improve comfort and manage pain during labour and birth. Epidural service is also available 24 hours per day.

Our level II Special Care Nursery is well equipped to care for fragile newborns that require additional support after birth. If baby is born at another hospital, they can be transferred here when appropriate so care can be provided closer to home for Sarnia-Lambton families.

Our Inpatient Paediatric unit provides care for children and young adults from birth until they turn 18. The paediatricians at Bluewater Health provide care on an 'on call system.' The physician who is on call provides care on behalf of all the paediatricians during their 24-hour shift. this means your child's paediatrician may not necessarily care for your child while in hospital.

We encourage and support the parents’ role in their child’s care.


For patient care experience and other videos please click here.


Level 3, Norman Building
Bluewater Health, Sarnia
89 Norman Street, Sarnia, Ontario N7T 6S3

Hours & Contact

Monday to Sunday, 24 hours
Telephone: 519-464-4400 
Maternity and Special Care Nursery Ext. 8440
Labour and Delivery Ext. 4427
Paediatrics Ext. 5213 

Patient Information

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Sleep Well, Sleep Safe. A booklet for parents of infants from 0-12 months and for all who care for infants.  
Newborn Hat Knitting Pattern - We are not accepting knit hats at this time. If you have knit hats already created, please hold on to them until our next call-out.
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Maps & Directions

Bluewater Health’s programs and services are distributed across two locations, Bluewater Health in Sarnia and Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital of Bluewater Health in Petrolia. 

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Emergency Care

Bluewater Health’s Emergency Department (ED) provides safe, quality emergency nursing and medical care to patients.

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Patient Virtual Visit

Due to COVID-19, Bluewater Health currently has restrictions in place limiting family support and visiting in the hospital – but that doesn't mean you can't connect with your loved ones. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a 15-minute virtual visit with a loved one in hospital.

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Find or contact a patient by telephone, email or e-card.

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Compliments & Concerns

We are always looking for ways to improve, and welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns. If you’re in hospital, please speak to the hospital staff.

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