Community Reintegration Program

The Community Reintegration Program is an outpatient rehabilitation program that assists with the transition from hospitalization in an acute care or inpatient rehabilitation setting to the community. The program can also assist individuals currently living in the community with acute or chronic conditions, and who need assistance improving their function and accessing community resources.

Using a patient-centered approach, the multidisciplinary team in the Community Reintegration Program will help to:

  • Promote improvement in physical, cognitive, communication, and psychosocial skills;
  • Assist in maximizing functional independence at home and in the community;
  • Assist with self-management of conditions through education; and
  • Provide links to community resources and support services.

Participants are an active partner in their care, as patient goals drive the focus of treatment.

Services Available 

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy (OT) develops skills to help participants live as independently as possible.  Depending on the need, the focus in OT may be on hand and arm exercises to improve strength, coordination, and functional movement. Cognition is a term used to describe all the skills we use to think, such as attention, memory, planning, judgment, reasoning, decision making and problem solving. Occupational Therapists provide comprehensive assessment and treatment for cognition and visual perception, and strategies are always explored to both improve and enhance daily living experiences. Occupational Therapists may also suggest the use of equipment and/or adaptive aids to promote safety and successful function within a home or residential setting.


Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists will work with participants to help promote independence. Emphasis will be placed on what participants can do themselves and on education to prevent future injuries or disability. Physiotherapy will break down the barriers to physical function and promote good health and disease prevention. 


Therapeutic Recreation: Therapeutic recreation will help participants maintain and/or improve functional abilities, enhance well-being and facilitate independence. Participants will learn or enhance recreation skills, knowledge and attitudes that can be used throughout life, promoting health and growth.


Speech-Language Pathology: Speech, language and cognitive disorders can affect the ability to learn, work, and interact with others. Swallowing disorders can affect hydration and nutrition, the choice of foods that an individual can safely eat, and the health of the individual’s lungs. Speech-language pathology will help participants improve spoken and written language; reasoning, problem solving, memory and organizational skills; and their ability to safely swallow foods of increasing texture.

Note:  All participants may not require all of these services.  An individualized program will be designed based on each person’s goals/needs.


To be admitted into the Community Reintegration Program, a referral form must be completed by a physician or nurse practitioner. To receive a copy of the referral form, please contact us.

If participants require assistance with personal care and transportation, a caregiver must be present at appointments.

A schedule will be developed based on the services required, and the duration of the program will be based on individual needs. Regular attendance at scheduled appointments is expected. It is the participant’s responsibility to contact the program if unable to attend an appointment due to illness or other circumstance. Failure to do so will result in discharge from the program.

Patients must arrange their own transportation to and from appointments. If you need assistance finding transportation, we can recommend available services.



Community Reintegration Program

Level 2, Norman Building

Bluewater Health, Sarnia

89 Norman Street, Sarnia, ON N7T 6S3


Hours & Contact:
Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, Statutory Holidays
Tel:  519-464-4416
Fax: 519-464-4446

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